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"Just wanted to take a second and tell you how much Melany & I enjoyed our trip to St. Lucia. Without a doubt, biking in the rain forest and hiking to the top of Tinker's Trail was the highlight of our trip. Thanks for everything!!!!"  
- Thomas & Melany Cork - Canton, 
Georgia, USA

"Hike it, bike it, but you just have to do it!"
- Gwen Anderson,
North Carolina, USA 

- Wendy & Bob Pascucci 
Florida, USA

"Excellent! Ridin' compares with Whistler.
Tinker's Trail was a blast--challenging for any rider.
Not scary enough?..use less brakes. Guaranteed adrenalin.
Unsurpassed views. Massive potential for 3 day loops (I hope). Thanks."
- Ian Free - Whistler, BC 
British Columbia, Canada 

"The boat ride over was very relaxing and enjoyable. The hike up Tinker's Trail was both challenging and enjoyable. The best part of the hike was reaching the top and enjoying the spectacular view...by far the best, to my knowledge, in all of St. Lucia. Well worth the trip."
- Kurt & Drucilla Minifield 
North Carolina, USA

"It was a terrific time! We had a great ride and workout. We'll be back again!"  
- Lawryl & Thad Jarrett
Texas, USA

"Awesome view and a great place to ride.
Beautiful sights and plenty to challenge for any rider."  
- Delinda Davis
Texas, USA

"Great stuff. The trails can be slippery. Bring some glue! 
A great adventure for the novice to the expert."  
- Joe & Teresa Shores
New York, USA

"Deb & I had a great time biking with you and your staff.
The entire experience was exceptional, 
from the beach to the view at Tinker's Bell."
- Bob & Deb Buring
Ohio, USA

"You can be over 40 and still have fun riding mountain bikes in the jungle. 
Great fun. You gotta do it!"
- Ted Beilman, Gloria Glover Palmer 
Alaska, USA

"Great spot for environmentalists. It's very lush and a great way to see it by bike. Wonderful!" 
- M.M. Brydges 
Ontario, Canada

"Michael and the bike staff were fantastic. We felt at ease as soon as we got there. The day will go by quickly. This is a great opportunity to see the jungle and see how out of shape your legs are. Anyone can do the trails, but a workout on the Stair-Master wouldn't hurt. Some of our group elected to hit the beach after lunch which was quite relaxing. No matter what you do in St. Lucia, make sure this is part of your vacation."
- Don, Cindy, Janna, Jax, Jeff Brubaker
Pennsylvania, USA

"Jungle Biking(tm) is a great experience for all styles of riding--a wonderful family adventure. We give the facility, staff and accomodations an A+++!" 
- Jaime & Michele Stanford
California, USA

"I think I can! I think I can!..." 
- (L to R) Kirsten Butler, Robin Meisner, Howard Meisner
Rhode Island, US

"Better than the Tour de France."
- Renaud & Mary Jezequel
London, UK

"Beats the trails on Long Island."
- Mike Thorton, 
New Jersey, US

"What a wonderful experience riding in a lush rain forest with great equipment and friendly guides."
- Edward, Charlotte, Harriet and Alan Lewis, , Massachusetts, USA

"A must for all visitors, all ages can do it...beginners and advanced bikers. Bamboo Rock Loop and French Wall Loop, a great challenge for advanced mountain bikers. Lots of slopes and chutes. Great fun, almost as good as the scuba diving!"
- Howard Morrison, A-1 Scuba & Travel
Colorado, USA

"Excellent trails and fantastic scenery."
- Blair Abernathy
Toronto, Canada

"Off road biking at its best."
- Trevor Boggs, New York, USA

"A totally unique experience-- a private
mountain (actually "Jungle") biking course in paradise with excellent bikes. Must be ridden!"
- Bill Boggs 
New York, USA

"Great time. But my advice for the novice, bring padded shorts! Definitely go for it!"
- Jennifer Bubb
London, UK

"Great fun even for those of us who have never tried the sport! A good way to earn your massage!"
- Sunny Morrison 
Colorado, USA

"It ain't spiritual enlightenment, but it's bloody fun!"
- Paul Mukherjee
London, UK

"The trip to the pool put five years onto my life. The dip in the pool took 10 years off my life.
- Peter & Arlene Kennedy, Rob and Freda Kennedy, Tony & Linda Jeronimus, Ontario, Canada

The trip back down put those five years lost back on."
- Peter

"The added challenge of rain and mud produced added muscle. We're definitely in shape now." 
- Arlene

"Great adventure!" 
- Freda

"Felt like Tarzan of the mountain biking jungle." 
- Tony

"I loved it!"