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Ruins at Anse Mamin St Lucia Environmental Care

Environmental Care

Anse Mamin Beach Stones

Every aspect of the design and development of our biking facility at Anse Mamin was done in a manner that would minimize the impact on the natural environment as well as to maintain the historical integrity of the property. We are proud of the way our facilities, bridges and trails blend into the natural beauty of this very special property.

Much effort is also continuously being made to control the effects of soil run-off which is a natural result of the amount of rain we receive, particularly during the wet season. Engineered dams and streams were added to the historical reservoir and aqueduct structures to control water flow to minimize sedimentation on the coral reefs in our adjacent coastal waters which, of course, are also vital components of our adventure sport offerings.

To counter trail erosion Bike St. Lucia employs a full-time trail crew maintaining all surfaces to insure guest safety and enjoyment. Trails are covered with a combination mulch created for maximum protection and durability.  

Anse Mamin Beach Stones

All of our toilet facilities at Anse Mamin are eco-friendly Biolet waterless units which utilize compost mix to cleanly recycle the wastes back into the natural environment. The minimal liquid wastes are mostly evaporated away. The solid waste, mixed along with the plentiful coconut husks available to us, are removed in its own container and allowed to dry out in an area removed from the public. A top layer of mulched coconut husks prevents odor. After a suitable time, it is deposited into a compost pile and after a further period of time becomes safe for use on plants as fertilizer. We also use waterless urinals. As there is no flushing with either of these two units, we have no waste water problems.

We also use an evaporative hand sanitizer for cleaning one's hands after using the toilet facilities. Therefore, we have no water and minimal paper waste to deal with. It perhaps takes a time or two to get used to this alternative to traditional toilet facilities but we find our discerning, yet eco-conscious guests, understand the need for the use of this technology and are happy to oblige.

We look forward to your biking with us and using our facilities.

We also appreciate your cooperation with our efforts in maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of the Anse Mamin site.